Friday, March 30, 2007

Braised Ribs with Porcini and Rosemary

Another Molly Stevens recipe. I'm just going to post some pictures from this one - the instructions went on for about three pages, even though the dish is not complicated at all. Trust me!

The greasy hands above are Master Chow's, coming back for his second plateful of ribs. The sauce had a rich taste of porcini mushrooms. In fact, the scent and taste were so exciting, that little Gus, was walking around on his hind legs, sniffing the air! He was lucky enough to get a taste.

I decided to make this dish because I had been digging around in the freezer for a pot roast. I pulled out the package, only to discover a while later that it contained some rather fatty ribs. "Master Chow!" I said. "Did you buy these?"

"Yes," he replied. "But you have to make them quick - I bought them for cheap because they were old."

Ah. I see.

After they passed the sniff test, I turned to Molly Stevensyet again, as I had never before made ribs. I had fresh rosemary, and a copious supply of porcini mushrooms that I keep stashed. Had a bottle of wine, and other aromatics.

We were not disappointed. Next time, I will add more liquid during the braise so that there is more sauce to slurp.

1. Step one - prepare the marinade, which includes onion, wine, allspice, and peppercorns. I added some parsely.

2. After a 24 hour marinade, I dried off the ribs and broiled them quickly until browned.

3. Preparing the braising liquid - onions, tomatoes, wine, rosemary, porcinis, and a spice sachet.

4. Three hours later - ta da! Ribs! Master Chow ate them all! Cleaned the bones!


Anonymous rowena said...

Master Chow is one lucky diner! This looks and sounds great...rosemary? porcini? I'm sold. For whatever reason, I've never cooked a lot of ribs here - probably because they're usually done grigliata-style outside on the bbq, an item that we still have yet to invest in if we're gonna have the neighbors over for a real american barbecue!

March 30, 2007 10:57 AM  

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