Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pomegranates Are Good for You

Edible rubies!

Lately, I've been buying pomegranates, cleaning them, and keeping them in a container in the fridge. I throw them in salads, and Master Chow puts them in his granola or his oatmeal in the mornings. Not only are they high in anti-oxidants, new research indicates that they may reverse atherosclerosis, lower high blood pressure, slow down several types of cancer, and help maintain skin health:

These studies indicate that pomegranate confers unprecedented cardiovascular protection by restoring endothelial health, lowering blood pressure, and protecting low-density lipoprotein (LDL) from damaging oxidation. Pomegranate also appears to fight several of the most common forms of cancer, slowing the progression of prostate cancer and suppressing the growth of colon, breast, and lung cancer cells. Pomegranate even appears to shield against unsightly signs of aging by supporting the health of the skin’s underlying matrix.


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