Friday, May 12, 2006

This past weekend, Master Chow and I tasted the Williams-Sonoma sticky buns that I mentioned before. He says they're the best sticky buns he's ever had.

They are delicious, but you should have a bit more information before you leap to your computer and order them. First, they are made with a croissant dough, so they are light and flaky. If heavy, doughy buns are your fantasy, you may not care for these. Then again, Master Chow loves Cinnabon, and he thought these pastries were outstanding.

Second, the caramel and nuts are on the light side, and are not cloyingly sweet. That's one reason I liked these so much - they were not too sweet, and they didn't make my teeth ache or pull out my fillings. But you may enjoy trips to the dentist!

Finally, the instructions tell you to let the buns rest a minute before you turn them out on a plate. After you do that, I would recommend letting the buns sit for another 5-10 minutes to help firm up the caramel and develop the flavors a bit.

Definitely on the repeat list.


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